Month: April 2008

LG OLED TV plans announced

According to, LG is planning to enter the OLED TV business. “In addition to investment in next-generation production lines, LG Display has also deployed into the development of AMOLED panels. Despite that AMOLED is mostly applied in small-size panels,

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Samsung to mass produce larger sized OLED TV panels

It looks like we’ll see some larger sized OLED TV reviews starting next year. Samsung announced yesterday that their AMOLED panels for medium and large sized applications will be mass produced by the end of 2009. “Currently the biggest issue

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Sony shows a new XEL-1 OLED TV, only 2mm thick!

Taking OLED TV development yet a step further, Sony has displayed an even thinner version of the XEL-1 at the Display 2008 show in Japan. According to; “The new display was recently shown off at the Display 2008 expo

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OLED TV recognition survey

A very interesting OLED TV survey has been completed by Displaybank. Their research “is intended to gauge the potential of large-size OLED displays upon the opportunity of Sony’s launching of 11-inch OLED TV XEL1”. With 709 respondents from an expert

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OLED TV opinion from

From the Personal Tech Column of the Washington Post, here’s a quick question and answer  item on OLED TV; Washington, D.C.: This month’s Consumer Reports has a little blurb about a new OLED TV. It’s something like $2,500 for an

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