Month: April 2009

Panasonic OLED TV within 2 years

Despite the current state of the economy, Panasonic has confirmed that it will release an OLED TV within 2 years. According to Panasonic figures that they can do a better job than Sony and produce a Panasonic OLED TV

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LG OLED TV coming before Christmas 2009

According to Smarthouse, LG will be introducing a 15″ OLED TV before Christmas this year and a 32″ OLED TV by June next year. “LG is set to steal Sony’s OLED advantage with Company insiders in Korea telling SmartHouse that

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Sony 21″ OLED TV on display

Here’s a clip of the latest Sony OLED TV, a 21″ model only 3mm thick. No word on production or pricing yet.

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