Month: June 2009

LG OLED TV on the way

LG has announced that they will be shipping a 15″ LG OLED TV starting in December 2009 in South Korea. “The set is expected to match the capabilities of the prototype unit, first unveiled in January. ┬áThe prototype sported a

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Samsung Unveils Wide Range of OLED TVs and Displays at SID 2009

Here’s a press release from Samsung Mobile Display describing their display at SID 2009 in San Antonio, TX. SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Samsung Mobile Display (SMD), the world’s largest manufacturer of OLED displays, will exhibit an extensive range of OLED and mobile

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New Material From Dupont Shows Promise For OLED TVs

Dupont has developed new OLED materials that promise to drastically extend the life of future OLED TVs. Great advances have been made especially in blue emitting materials; “In addition, DuPont Displays developed some blue light-emitting materials. Among them, one with

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