Dupont Achieves Record Performance With Printed OLED TV Materials

Dupont announced that they have achieved record performance from printed OLED TV display materials.

“DuPont announced that it has achieved record performance in printed organic light emitting diode OLED displays, sufficient to enable future adoption of OLED television (TV).  Using proprietary DuPont Gen 3 solution OLED materials, DuPont has demonstrated for the first time a solution-based manufacturing process in which OLEDs can be printed cost effectively while delivering the necessary performance and lifetime.”

The high cost and complexity of manufacturing OLED TV panels has been the main factor in the slow introduction of OLED TV technology. Dupont has apparently found a way to conquer both of these stumbling blocks.

“OLED displays in portable devices are available in the market today, but the current high-cost of manufacturing with evaporated materials has limited market adoption and constrained OLED manufacturing for larger size displays,” said David Miller, president – DuPont Electronics & Communications. “Now, with DuPont printed OLED materials and process technology, fabrication costs can be significantly reduced, and manufacturing can be scaled to accommodate TV-size displays.”

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