Forecast on Large Screen OLED TV



There’s an interesting analysis comparing LCD TV manufacturing to OLED TV manufacturing.

There is currently a short supply of LCD panels and manufacturers are expected to increase production to meet demand for improved LCD technology and demand from China.

However, the analysis reveals that this may serve to slow down the manufacturing and production of large sized OLED TV models.

“Meanwhile there are announcements on OLED panel for TV. Samsung¬†announced that their 31″ OLED TV is ready for production. LG announced their 15″ OLED TV will be sold in Korea in Dec 2009. Sony repeatedly announced on the release of 21″, 27″ OLED TV. All these OLED TVs will require OLED panels. LCD manufacturers are also OLED manufacturers. These companies may adopt certain financial and technical strategies. Building 7 gen or 8 gen plants for OLED manufacturing is capital intensive like LCD Gens. In the past¬†the backplane for OLED was trivialized as a simple modification of the LCD backplane. Later it was found that was not the case. ”

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