LG OLED TV coming in 2012, at least the 32″ model.

LG has decided to wait until 2012 to produce a 32″ OLED TV.

“LG Display’s CEO on Friday said his company plans to build 32-inch organic light emitting diode (OLED) television panels in 2012. Products using the technology are becoming more common, as OLED products do not require a backlight, which means they can be much thinner than conventional LCD or plasma displays, while offering improved brightness and deeper black levels. “We will focus on TV panels rather than cell phone panels because the larger the display, the more efficient the OLED technology,” said CEO Kwon Young-soo in a meeting with reporters. The new revenue stream will require added resources, and to this end, LG will hire some 1,700 employees for the new venture, Young-soo said.”

More information at: Electronista.com

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