LG OLED TV on the way

LG has announced that they will be shipping a 15″ LG OLED TV starting in December 2009 in South Korea.

The set is expected to match the capabilities of the prototype unit, first unveiled in January.  The prototype sported a fancy 1,000,000:1 contrast (same as XEL1), a 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution (better than XEL1), and a 30,000-hour shelf life (much better than XEL1, which degrades after 1,000 hours).  It is also expected to be ultra-thin (the XEL1 is just 3mm thin).”

The LG OLED TV will be available first in Korea, then Japan and the United States. No word yet on pricing or production numbers but if the Sony XEL-1 is any example, it won’t be cheap. I’m looking forward to LG OLED TV reviews by Christmas 2009.

More information at: DailyTech

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