New blue OLED material developed in South Korea

A news release from South Korea claims a major advance in OLED display technology

SEOUL (AFP) — South Korean scientists have claimed to have developed an efficient “true blue” material that can accelerate the development of next-generation organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.

The development was announced by Pusan National University chemistry professor Jin Sung-Ho, who has led a joint state-funded project with Seoul National University engineers.

South Korea, the world’s largest producer of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), is trying hard to develop more efficient OLED screens.

OLEDs must be made to mix green, red and blue lights. Scientists have developed efficient green and red OLED materials but they have had problems making a true blue OLED material.

Jin said his discovery would allow the creation of “energy efficient” OLED displays. Compared to LCDs, OLEDs offer a greater field of vision, better colour quality and require less power.

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