OLED TV disappointment from CES 2009

There’s been lots of hype on OLED TV from CES 2009. A 27″ Sony OLED TV, a 40″ Samsung TV, a 15″ LG OLED TV.

However, the only OLED TV available is still the amazing but tiny Sony XEL-1. It is definitely a pioneer in OLED TV technology but is not a realistic option for most consumers.

Here’s a video clip of the OLED TV portion of the Sony press conference at CES 2009.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another showing the Sony 27″ OLED TV.

YouTube Preview Image

However, many observers expected Sony to release the 27″ model this year. Apparently that’s not going to happen now. I expect that the current economic climate and the still high production costs are going to prevent any new models except for the 15″ LG OLED TV from appearing in stores this year.

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