OLED TV manufacturing breakthrough from GE!

On March 11th, GE made a major OLED TV related announcement that promises to radically reduce the price of OLED panel manufacturing:

— Officials at GE Global Research announced Tuesday that they have successfully demonstrated the world’s first “roll-to-roll manufactured organic light-emitting diode,” a key breakthrough into commercializing that technology into a substitute for General Electric Co. founder Thomas Edison’s most famous invention, the light bulb.

Anil Duggal, manager of GE’s Advanced Technology Program in Organic Electronics, said research team of about 30 scientists in Niskayuna over the last four years developed the roll-to-roll process that allows the organic light-emitting diodes, known as OLEDs, to be printed onto thin film sheets, almost like a newspaper.

Be sure to read the full story at dailygazette.com

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