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From the Personal Tech Column of the Washington Post, here’s a quick question and answer  item on OLED TV;

Washington, D.C.: This month’s Consumer Reports has a little blurb about a new OLED TV. It’s something like $2,500 for an 11-inch screen, but it’s 1/8″ thick (ignoring the substantial base on which it sits) and apparently offers spectacular quality.

As someone who still watches TV on a tube (!), I’m curious — how long till OLED technology is mainstream and affordability? I’m not currently in the market to replace our tube TV anyway, but now I’m wondering if OLED gives me an excuse to hold off even longer. Thanks!

Rob Pegoraro: Don’t hold your breath. OLED is going to take a long time to become as affordable as LCD and plasma, especially at the bigger screen sizes we’re seeing now. 40 inches is apparently now considered “small,” in relative terms.
I agree as it appears to be at least two years until a larger sized OLED TV is available at any reasonable price.

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