OLED TV recognition survey

A very interesting OLED TV survey has been completed by Displaybank. Their research “is intended to gauge the potential of large-size OLED displays upon the opportunity of Sony’s launching of 11-inch OLED TV XEL1”.

With 709 respondents from an expert panel, the results are pretty much as we would anitcipate regarding future predictions for larger sized OLED TVs.

“Displaybank reports results from its “Large-Size OLED Display Recognition Survey” that includes:

– 50% of the expert panel agreed that attractive price points of OLED TV can be achieved if within 50% of LCD TV prices.
– 60% of the expert panel forecasted 40″ OLED TVs to be available in the marketplace in 2010-2012.
– 37% of the expert panel stated that attractive price points of OLED-based notebook PCs can be achieved if within 20% of LCD-based notebook PCs.”

Full story at Displaybank

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