OLED TV Update – February 2010

There have been some interesting OLED TV developments in the last month or so. None of them will be bringing a decent sized OLED TV to your home anytime soon though.

Sony announced that they won’t be coming out with a 27in OLED TV in the near future as many had hoped. They are still having difficulties with production and costs.

Mistsubishi on the other hand has displayed a 149in OLED TV. It is actually made up of 10cm x 10cm OLED displays.  How that will help drive the technology to manufacture appropriate sized OLEDs is beyond me.

More recently, Kateeva, a start-up based in California has announced a process for printing large sized OLED panels.

It’s large area printing technology will apparently print OLED panels as large as 5 by 6 feet or 1.5m x 1.8m at a cost of 60% of current LCD manufacturing costs.

This has the potential to advance widespread OLED TV production sooner than many had anticipated. However, they haven’t actually demonstrated a completed, working OLED panel. Deliveries to TV manufacturers aren’t expected to start until 2011.

Here’s a full story on the Kateeva OLED printing process.


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