Samsung OLED TV Next Year?

A trial production of 42″ Samsung OLED TVs could begin as early as 2011 accroding to

With the order of equipment to produce 5.5G panels, Samsung is expected to be able to produce 30″ and 40″ OLED TV models.

“Samsung SMD will be in full 5.5 generation’s system by the 1st half of 2011 with the completion of orders for 5.5 generation’s evaporator. It is for getting firm stance in mobile display market and in a more robust large-area AMOLED TV market.

The newly adopted 5.5 generation’s evaporator of Samsung SMD can increase the mobile display production volume up to two times, which is currently manufactured by 4 units of 3.5 generation’s evaporator and also can produce 42 inches of AMOLED. It can produce 4 sheets of 30 inches’ AMOLED which is introduced in the exhibition by Samsung SMD recently.”

Looking forward to doing a Samsung OLED TV review.

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