Sony KDL-ZX Series OLED TV

According to, Sony may be introducng a new series of OLED TV models at CES 2010.

“There has been very little information around about Sony’s latest HDTVs, especially regarding their highend models.

But some very interesting information has now leaked about Sony’s upcoming / prototype HDTVs, including new models in Sony’s flagship XBR range, the Sony XBR11 and XBR12!

A total of nine new series have been leaked with numerous details. There is also mention of the Sony KDL-ZX Series OLED range, but it’s not known which sizes this will come in.”

The Sony KDL-ZX OLED TV range is listed as a proposed new model for 2010-2011. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Sony will out-do LG and we’ll have another Sony OLED TV to review.

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