Sony OLED TV – Engineers Face Hurdles On Larger Screen Sizes

Sony engineers are facing technological hurdles in producing larger sized OLED TVs. This is according to Sony Corp. Executive Deputy President Hiroshi Yoshioka.

At a press conference on Nov 19, Yoshioka stated that their TV division is facing challenges. Sony currently buys LCD panels from Samsung and despite releasing the first OLED TV 2 years ago, has yet to come out with a reasonable sized OLED model that would be attractive to consumers.

“The business is tough without our own displays,” Yoshioka said in an interview at Sony’s headquarters.

“For the short term, Sony has been bullish about 3-D TVs, one area where rivals are also just getting started, and Sony is promising products next year.

With 3-D TVs, images appear to have depth and give an illusion of almost jutting out from the screen, although they require special glasses.”

Lots of talk about OLED TV lately but when will we see someting bigger than 15″ in stores?

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