Sony reported seeking partners for OLED TV

This story helps confirm Sony’s earlier statement about OLED TV manufacturing being a challenge. From

by Greg Wu

In order to expand the OLED TV market, Sony, which released the world’s first OLED TV last year, is looking for strategic partners to cooperate in the production and sales of OLED panels, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.

The report also cited Taiwan-based Topology Research Institute (TRI) as saying shipments of OLED TVs will rise from nearly 4,000 units in 2007 to 3.75 million units in 2012. While Digitimes Research recently estimated that shipments of OLED TVs will grow from 2,000 units in 2007 to 18,000 units in 2008, while further shooting up to 50,000 units in 2009 and 120,000 units in 2010.

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