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Dupont Achieves Record Performance With Printed OLED TV Materials

Dupont announced that they have achieved record performance from printed OLED TV display materials. “DuPont announced that it has achieved record performance in printed organic light emitting diode OLED displays, sufficient to enable future adoption of OLED television (TV).  Using

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New Material From Dupont Shows Promise For OLED TVs

Dupont has developed new OLED materials that promise to drastically extend the life of future OLED TVs. Great advances have been made especially in blue emitting materials; “In addition, DuPont Displays developed some blue light-emitting materials. Among them, one with

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New OLED TV manufacturing process announced

Dupont and Dainippon have announced a partnership to develop a new OLED manufacturing process. From digitimes.com “The companies also have signed an agreement relating to their intention to bring together the elements needed – materials, technology and equipment – to

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