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LG OLED TV confirmed at CES 2012

The latest LG OLED TV, the world’s largest at 55″ will be unveiled at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. LG Display has apparently discovered a less expensive way of producing OLED display panels. Previous OLED TV displays used Low Temperature

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Samsung – Universal Display OLED Display Deal

Good news from Samsung for those waiting for a decent size OLED TV. Samsung has signed a 6 year deal with Universal Display to use their OLED patents and supply OLED display materials. “In a two-part structure, Samsung pays license

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Samsung OLED Production Lines Opened

Samsung Mobile Display has openedĀ  1300mm x 1500mm 5.5 AMOLED production lines this month. These new lines are the first worldwide and will benefit Samsung by increasing supply into a shortage of AMOLED panels as well as helping it start

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Future of OLED TV discussed by managing director of OLED-Association

The following interview on the future of OLED TV was provided by Erich Strasser from oled-display.net Check the links at the bottom of the post for the full interview.. In an interview with Barry Young the managing director of the

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Samsung Shows Rollable OLED panel prototype

Samsung Mobile Display recently showed off a rollable, 0.2 mm thick OLED display. This is only a very tiny screen but it certainly gets the imagination going. Check out the very bizarre video below: Please feel free to Like this

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