The OLED Handbook Reviewed

The OLED Handbook is a must read for OLED TV and OLED technology enthusiasts. Written by OLED expert Ron Mertens, this comprehensive 100+ page guide covers a wide range of subjects including:

  • OLED technology and materials
  • How an OLED panel is produced
  • How OLEDs compare to LCD displays
  • What kind of OLED displays are available on the market today
  • Samsung’s Super AMOLED and Nokia’s Clear Black displays
  • OLED lighting technology, currently available panels and lamps (complete with technical specifications and prices)
  • The future of OLED displays and lighting and the challenges ahead

Also included in the OLED Handbook are sections on the history of OLED development,  a guide to OLED investment,  a comprehensive list of OLED companies and much more.

With 2012 looking like a key year for OLED displays now is the time to get up to speed on OLED technology. The handbook is available for instant download, just click on the image for more details. Ron Mertens is the founder of OLED-Info the top source on OLED technology with over 80,000 monthly readers. The OLED Handbook is available for instant download, just click on the image below.


OLED Handbook

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