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Our aim is to provide a digest of OLED TV reviews from multiple sources around the world. When OLED TV’s become widely available we’ll be here with the reviews on the OLED TV you’re looking at.

Whether you plan to purchase a SONY OLED TV, a Samsung OLED TV, a Toshiba OLED TV or possibly a model from Canon or Matsushita, be sure to check our reviews before purchasing.OLED TV

OLED TV’s are different from standard flat panel technology like LCD TV or plasma. The OLED TV does not require a backlight as the panel is self illuminating. This alone saves on both power consumption and the physical size of the TV. Check the video below of the Sony XEL-1 to get a good idea of the incredible thinness of the OLED panel.

Also be sure to check out the Today show on January 1, 2008. They are planning to show the Sony Xel-1 having acquired one from Japan where they were released for limited sale in November 2007. This show may be the most widely covered of the OLED TV reviews coming in 2008.

January 7th will bring CES 2008 in Las Vegas and further OLED TV reviews from mass media and tech bloggers everywhere. With models from Sony and Samsung expected to be on display, CES 2008 will showcase the future of flat panel television technology. After the disappearance from CES 2007 of SED TV, a promising technology from Canon, HDTV fans should be eagerly anticipating the new OLED TV reviews coming out next year. Nothing above a 14″ screen size is planned for consumer release in 2008 but looking forward to 2009-2010 we should be seeing screen sizes comparable to today’s LCD and plasma TV’s.

With a stunning picture, very low power consumption and a consumer level OLED TV available now, it’s hard to see how this technology can not succeed. SED TV was effectively killed by legal battles and FED TV is still an emerging technology currently aimed at professional video production and broadcast monitors. OLED is already out in front and should remain there for the forseeable future.

Once again, thanks for visiting the site and please check back during the second week in January for our first OLED TV Reviews.

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